Flux, acrylic, wood & wood glue, GeoSeries

In the presence of mountainous and oceanic landscapes, Marie McKenzie shines a light onto nature’s wonders through painting and sculpture. Paintings begin with highlights from her travels, intuitively softening into abstraction as she welcomes visions of an undiscovered world. Enthralled by layering glazes of oil paint on canvas; she explores an illuminated land and sea. Her sculptures are set in motion through sustainable harvesting and salvaging wood. Her wooden wall pieces reflect the ever-changing shifts of the earth through steam bending, layering and repetition. 


Marie has been an active artist since she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Kansas in 2009. From spending time amongst the tall grass to being moved by the waves of the ocean tide, she relocated to Northern California from Lawrence, Kansas in 2017. She has recently landed herself in Ojai, California, where she currently lives and works. She exhibits her work through Brittany Davis Gallery in Los Angeles and at Phoenix Gallery in Lawrence, Kansas.