Thank you for your interest in a custom commission!

All inquiries are welcome, I would love to work together to create a custom sculpture or a painting. Please feel free to ask any questions, I am flexible with reproductions, color and dimensions. I enjoy working with clients in customizations to highlight the surrounding space through accent colors. I have met clients in their home to help with this process. I have also used FaceTime and other video messaging platforms for both parties to get a better understanding of the process and design process.

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Landmark I & II Atrium Projects, Orlando, FL

Oil on Canvas

48" x 60"

Landmark I & II are examples of commissions that came from the client, interior designer and I working together in design and aesthetics.

These four oil paintings on canvas were commissioned specifically for the interior of a commercial atrium in Orlando, Florida. This artwork is an abstract design that was inspired by the flora of Florida and aims to play on the viewer’s sense of depth. These two large paintings started with a sketch and then a small mock up to scale.

Phoenix Awards, Lawrence, KS

Salvaged Wood & Glass
8" x 12" x 4"

I had the great honor of being asked to create six awards for the 2015 Phoenix Awards Ceremony. For this occasion and inspired by the Phoenix, I wanted to represent the natural life cycle of the prairie by adding cobalt blue glass to the waving Tallgrass series design in order to depict the hottest burning point of fire. The wooden slats were comprised of various salvaged woods and the base was made from cherry, with the hardware of maple.

Tallgrass II, Lawrence, KS

Wood and Acrylic Paint

37” x 62” x 7”


Tallgrass II was a much larger project, a 5 foot by 3 foot sculpture. This artwork contains more than 200 slats of salvaged woods, including pine, walnut, cottonwood, cedar, ipe, poplar, douglas fir and maple. In this process, I enjoyed steam bending and experimenting with engineering a winding wooden armature that gave way to undulating slats.

Enigma II & Enigma I

Oil on canvas


This commission began from clients liking a specific work found on my website. I recreated the chosen painting with minor changes, possibly only in palette.

Shoreline & Shoreline II

Oil on canvas


Inspired from a past work but not bound to the original image, the brushwork became more apparent in Shoreline II. In the end, all paintings are originals, made by hand and no two will ever look identical.

Elephants II & Elephants I

Oil on canvas


This gives a look at how the mockup, Elephants I, evolved through completion. The final painting included elongated tusks on the mother and a slight change in color palette.

Land's End II

Oil on canvas 

24"x 60"

Land's End I

Oil on canvas

Mock up for commission

12" x 24"

Land's End II

In-studio progress detail

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