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Original Oil Paintings

Walnut oil paint on earth-friendly canvas or panel

Guided by time spent in nature and with a personal interest in pattern and motion, I respond. Through oil painting, fleeting memories of my travels appear and then soften as I welcome the intuitive visions from another world. All of my creative processes are acts of meditation. In my most recent work, I am engaged in creating paintings inspired by kelp and our coastal ecosystems.

Golden Era Series

This series began last winter, finding inspiration from the footage of new growth: baby kelp restored off the coast of Palos Verdes, California—a hugely successful project in kelp regeneration through the work of SeaTrees and the Bay Foundation. What started as tenderness upon seeing the impact grew exponentially after initial experiences swimming in the kelp forest near Santa Cruz Island.

Through a partnership with SeaTrees, the purchase of a painting helps to protect and regenerate blue carbon coastal ecosystems.

Sea Sound in situ.jpg
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