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The Kelp-Inspired Sculpture Story

A 'Kelp Forest' sculpture is a collaboration with your home, every installation unique, a sculpture can be suspended on a hook from the ceiling or coming out of the wall. Inspired by kelp and the gentle sway from the movement of water, every 'kelp blade' is steam bent and layered to give the feeling of underwater motion. If you are in the Ojai area, delivery and installation is included in the price. For shipping, artwork is coiled into a box with a top hook, walnut base and instructions for an easy install. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in a 'Kelp Forest' Sculpture in your space.

'Kelp Forest' part of 'Ebb and Flow' Exhibit 

University of California San Diego Geisel Library

This sculpture is available after July 7th, 2024: preorder now below.

Let’s Work Together

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